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Episode 1 Cover.jpg
The Dory Story - Episode 1: Dory Gets a Forever Family

ISBN-13 : 978-1641111997

Dory Gets a Forever Family, by author Ricky Gazelle, is the delightful tale of a sweet little kitten who gets rescued--and the best part is that it's based on a true story! Every year, hundreds and hundreds of kittens are rescued, and this is the true story of one very special little guy named Dory. Dory loses his way one day and gets stuck in a horrible rainstorm! Afterward, he's lucky enough to be found by his mother--but Dory is sick. He was stuck in the cold for a long time, and he needs help after being left in the rain for so long. He gets help at the shelter, but eventually he needs more help than they can give.

Enter Sugar, a lovely lady who's as sweet as her new charge, Dory. Will Sugar become Dory's Forever Family?

Episode 2 Cover.jpg
The Dory Story - Episode 2: The Big Ride to Far Away and A New Home

ISBN-13 : 978-1641114615

You fell in love with Dory in Episode 1, when he finally found his Forever Family. Now come along with him as he faces his biggest challenge yet: Sugar has announced she is moving far away. The problem is Dory doesn't know what "move" means. Is it as scary as it sounds?

Parents, educators, and children alike will delight in Episode 2, "The Big Ride to Far Away and A New Home." In his latest adventure, Dory discovers home is less about where he lives and more about the love he has in his heart.

DS3 Cover.jpg
The Dory Story - Episode 3: Dory's Very Happy Day

ISBN-13 : 978-1641118118


​You have journeyed along with Dory, from when he found his Forever Family, to when he went on the Big Car Ride to Far Away. Now join Dory on one of his very happiest days yet! Dory is growing up. His big kitty teeth are starting to come in, and his tummy aches and skin itchies aren't nearly so bad anymore!

  But when Sugar tells him they're going on a surprise adventure, he can't possibly imagine what's in store for him. From meeting new friends, and seeing old ones, discovering the world outside the shiny bright room that has always been his home, to learning that not everyone is the same, but all equally special. Dory fans will fall in love with this latest episode of The Dory Stories.

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